Our purpose is to trascend in time,

leading the present to build a successful future.

We are an economic group composed by a range of high-growth strategic sectors, leaders in the southern region of Peru. Our goal is to create and develop high performance business units and generate synergies between partners.

We share ideals and objectives with one vision: development based on ethical principles, creativity and constant innovation.

We respect the environment and value the contribution that each human being carries. We believe in their ideals and dreams, and in the possibility of making them come true.


Diversification y multiplicity of projects

In QUIMERA HOLDING we undertake and innovate singular businesses with leadership and social responsibility, in sectors such as real estate, retail and finance.

Our history

The biggest growth, current business structure and group consolidation have been carried out during the last years, our beginning as a private familiar group date back to the 30s of the last century. For three generations and within this long history, the elements that identify us have always been the same: knowledge, professionalism, innovation and excellence…

Corporate headquarters

Fernandini Ave. – Palacio de Goyeneche,
Sachaca, Arequipa – Peru

Contact us: +51+54 275 700


Fernandini Ave. – Palacio de Goyeneche,
Sachaca, Arequipa – Peru


E-mail: info@quimerahg.com
Phone: +51+54. 27 5700